About Us

OUR Story

The idea for Bon’s was born as a direct response to one of the most little-known and sordid pieces of French Quarter history. One could argue that mafia bosses planning the Kennedy assassination from a restaurant booth in the Vieux Carre might be more despicable, but it’s open for debate.

Walking around the Quarter, you may notice a startling lack of street food. Restaurants abound, but stalls serving local wares are absent. Why is it in a city renowned for its culinary prowess, world-class chefs, and regional recipes handed down for generations that the only thing you can get on the street is a hot dog? Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Bangkok have legendary street food scenes that bring people from all over the planet, but in the food capital of the United States, you can get a hot dog.

In 1972, New Orleans, a city famous for honest politicians, decreed that Lucky Dog and an ice cream company would be the only ones allowed to sell food on the street. The statute has been challenged countless times but, for some reason, never overturned. Speculate all you want, but something stinks.

Bon’s mission is to bring you fresh, delicious, and global street food. While we may not have a steaming cart run by a genial cook with impressive knife work, we have a well-positioned location, and you’ll always know where we are. You can stop in, grab a drink and a snack, hang out while you absorb the sounds of the world’s most notorious neighborhood, or quickly move on to enjoy the sights.

We seek to expand the culinary landscape of New Orleans and bring back something it’s been missing since the Nixon administration. Stop in, have a bite, and fight the power.

Takeout box with beignet sticks