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Try a new Orleans Sno-Ball

During the summer months, New Orleans moves within three miles of the sun’s surface. Sweltering is a good word, but it doesn’t quite do justice to the oppressive heat. Snowballs came into being out of necessity, and the tradition remains strong when the calendar flips to June, and the heat index hits the triple digits.

Back in the day, snowball vendors used to shave the ice by hand, carefully maintaining the powdered consistency for maximum flavor retention. Today, the practice remains unchanged except for incorporating technological advancements to ensure the perfect texture. Flavor recipes throughout the Big Easy are fiercely guarded secrets kept under lock and key for generations.

Out of respect, our snowballs only use the finest syrup mixtures, and we shave our ice using New Orleans’ own SnoWizard machines, which have been grinding up the perfect snowball since 1936. We offer classic flavors like grape, dreamsicle, and king cake; everything you need to stave off heat stroke on an August afternoon. If you’re looking for something with a little more kick, we also offer adult versions with spiked snowballs like Whisky Dreams, Kingcake Rumcake, and Tequila Coconut. In humanity’s never-ending battling against the sun’s torment, snowballs may be our most effective weapon. While it’s a war we’ll never win, it’s nice to celebrate little victories when we can.




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